Eliminate your electricity costs

We offer you a visit to your installation. A free initial study will tell us if it is feasible to replace network electricity consumption with photovoltaic solar energy.
We’ll ask you some simple questions about your energy usage and take data on consumption characteristics.
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ll us at (+34) 650 96 10 39 to get started.

Obtain your study and proposal for a photovoltaic solar installation

Our team will be in charge of developing a technical study and economic proposal, customized and optimized, based on your real needs for the use of the farm, livestock, industry or housing. It will include all your installation and financing options and project your energy and money savings in the coming years.

100% FREE

  • Get rid of your electric bill.
  • Release yourself from the diesel of the generator set.
  • Free yourself from emissions harmful to the environment.

It will amortize your facility with your current costs in a few years producing the energy your facility needs to run. Free and free!

We are your expert team in solar and hydropower

Our team of experts will take care of the entire solar or hydraulic energy project from start to finish. It starts the moment you contact us. Let’s put together a solar solution adapted to your needs.

Want to start saving on your energy bill?


Water and solar energy

Run your hydraulic installations through the energy of the sun. Pump water at a much lower cost with the same hydraulic installation.

Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill

Use the energy of the sun to save money from day one. And all legalized.

Electricity savings on your operation

We help you save costs on electricity throughout your production cycle: agricultural, livestock, industrial…


Irrigation and subscriber heads

Family housing in self-consumption

High power solar pumping station (2 pumps). Valencia
Isolated photovoltaic installation
of network. Launched in summer 2016, it replaces mains electrical power to raise 250 m3/h to 100 m in height. AMORTIZATION IN 6 YEARS.

100 hp well. Granada
Insoted photovoltaic installation of network. Commissioned in summer 2016, it replaces the generator set for the extraction of water from the well intended for irrigation of the farm.(165 m3/h). AMORTIZATION IN 7 YEARS.

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