A delegation from AVA-ASAJA visited the facility that the firm Hidrovoltaica RE S.L. has launched in the Civil Society of Regantes de Sant Vicent Ferrer de Monredondo, in Torrent.

With a total area of 2,500 square meters, the energy system replaces the current power supply to move the pumping motors to the irrigation raft.

The commoners will continue to pay in the first seven years the same cost of water (about 15 cents per cubic meter) in such a way that of the 75,000 euros per year that usually enters by irrigation, which are to pay the electricity company, now 45,000 euros are to amortize the credit and the rest to pay current expenses.

AVA-ASAJA water leaders and technicians at Torrent facility


After 7 years, when credit depreciation is finalized, the cost of the cubic meter will fall in half. In 25 years, solar savings can reach 3.5 million
. Despite the lack of aid, such renewable energy installations offer both lower costs and reduced pollution.